Pyrolysis, Gasification & Torrefaction Technologies in Canada & US


By GECA Environnement

Authors: Suzanne Allaire, PhD & Melissa Leung

This report analyses the current technology offer for pyrolysis, gasification and torrefaction systems in the USA and in Canada. The report provide a technology list, a supply analysis, an overview of market drivers, trends, constraints, key players, and a list of required equipments for such systems. We define products, types of technologies and provide an overview of the size, the type, the product, the stage of development and the website for each technology listed as possible. An analysis by region, by type of technology, size, feedstock and product is also provided for the offer. Note that the technologies considered in this report were the ones with offices in either Canada or the USA. European and other international technologies without offices in those two countries are not included, even if they offer their systems in this region.

The information is presented densely. The report contains 55 pages, 14 tables and 10 figures.

As an overview:

  • 104 thermal transformation technologies are listed.
  • Of these 104 technologies, 66 are pyrolysis, 27 are gasification and 11 are torrefaction.
  • 56% of the total number are considered to have a large capacity, that is a production of over 10 000 metric tons per year.
  • 56% are destined to transform biomass and 88% are continuous in operations.
  • Kansas and California host 22 of those technologies, while Quebec, Ontario and British-Columbia host 33.
  • Most US technologies are destined to make gas as a primary product, while more than 60% of Canadian systems are dedicated to making solid products.
  • The expected number of technologies to appear within the next 3 years should double for plastic and MSW transformation.

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