Our team

CEO and founder, Technical and scientific affairs
Dr. Allaire has been working for more than 30 years to protect the environment by transforming wastes into renewable products, including 20 years on biochar and pyrolysis. She is the founder and owner of GECA, and responsible for business development.

Co-owner and Director, business development & carbon
Melissa joined GECA 4 years ago. Leveraging her experience with biochar and pyrolysis, she manages projects and business development relative to consulting, and is responsible for GECA's carbon credit branch which includes project development, marketing and brokerage.
Mr. Poissant, CPA, has 30 years of experience in finance as financial director, director of operations, and in the development of financial products. He acts as chief financial officer at GECA.
Technical director
Mr. Fonkou worked during more than 15 years for oil and gas companies. He supports GECA customers with his extensive experience in thermal transformation engineering and the management of projects of all sizes. He leads the technical and engineering team at GECA.

Commercial director
Our sales director brings to GECA his experience in sales for industrial products, partnership management, business development, project management, team management, and market research in addition to his background in technology, his knowledge in carbon credit, and sustainable development.
Carbon quality manager
With her experience as a senior analyst in impact scoring, specialized in the agri-food and climate industry, Perrine supports GECA's clients to improve carbon credit certification processes, strengthen the analysis of biochar co-benefits and ensure the integration of good normative practices into GECA's processes.

Project Manager: Technology and engineering
Dr. Alvarez-Chavez specializes in renewable energy with a PhD in biomass pyrolysis. As a project manager, she supports GECA’s team on technical and engineering aspects, particularly technologies.

Chemical engineering
Dr Gulyurtlu has worked for 40 years in energy, including 15 years in renewable energy. He supports GECA’s team, among other things, on technical aspects, thermochemical processes and pyrolytic liquids.

Agricultural and carbon project analyst
With a bachelor's degree in engineering, a master's degree in agri-environment, more than 6 years of experience in the development of biochar projects in agriculture, an XPrize for a biochar and carbon credits project in Africa, and sustainable business models, she supports GECA's clients on agricultural aspects of biochar, carbon and project management.
Project Manager, Developing Countries
With a bachelor's degree and master's degree in agricultural engineering, PhD on pyrolysis and biochar in African agriculture, many years as professor in agricultural engineering, biochar and pyrolysis in Cameroon, Dr. Djousse offers GECA's clients the opportunity to develop biochar and residue pyrolysis projects adapted to the conditions of developing countries.
Project Associate, Chemical Engineering
With his engineering background and his interest in climate change and environmental protection, Mr. Blanchet acts as a bridge between the technical team and the carbon credit team, in addition to other activities related to technology aspects.
Mechanical engineer
Mr. Ravindran has over 7 years of experience in technical and engineering aspects of pyrolysis in addition to his experience in the production of biochar and activated carbon. He supports GECA's clients on technological aspects, budgets, and optimization of production processes.
Technical support, Industrial Engineering
With his background in engineering, Mr. Davy supports GECA's clients in logistics, operations, and regulations related to thermal processing plants and other aspects related to pyrolytic products.
Admin officer
Mrs. Racine, with her experience of more than 30 years in CRM and other administrative aspects in large companies, she supports GECA in various administrative and IT activities.
Administrative assistant
Hajar works at GECA on a skill set including four languages (English, French, Turkish and Arabic), office operations, administrative coordination and communication. She helps contribute to the success of the organization.



William Métivier, President

Forair specializes in the research and development of innovative tools for the forestry sector, particularly through the use of data from airborne LiDAR. Forair has strong expertise in carrying out remote forest inventories to estimate carbon stocks.


Paul Ferguson, CEO

Accend are carbon removal specialists providing LCA and carbon accounting services that enable industry players to quantify their carbon removals.

Combustion Expert Energy

Claudia Goulet, CEO

CEE are specialized in the manufacturing of thermal transformation equipment, mainly biomass burners, and are engineering solution providers for technology developers and manufacturers.

Resultant Group

Dave Gajadhar, CEO

The Resultant Group are advisors and coaches for Regulated Industries, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Human and Health Services. Focus on business modernization, resource optimization and waste mitigation with emerging technologies to enable sustainability, socioeconomic outcomes and generative growth.