Our team

CEO, Technical and scientific affairs
Dr. Allaire is well known for her work on physical processes, soil, and carbon such as biochar and GHG emissions. She has 30 years experience in environmental protection through the transformation of waste into renewable products, 17 of which were on biochar and pyrolysis.
Director, business development & carbon
Melissa joined GECA 4 years ago. Leveraging her experience with biochar and pyrolysis, she manages projects and business development relative to consulting, and is responsible for GECA's carbon credit branch which includes project development, marketing and brokerage.
Project Manager: Technology and engineering
Dr Alvarez-Chavez is a renewable energy professional with several years of experience in solar and wind energy. She has completed her PhD at McGill University on Biomass Pyrolysis. She is responsible for project management within the firm, specifically for engineering and technologies.
Director of brokerage
Dr. Boyer has extensive experience selling advanced pyrolysis plants, and brokers pyrolysis products. He has more than 40 years of experience in organizational consulting, international fair trade, and sustainable community development.
Chemical engineering
Dr. Gulyurtlu has worked for more than 40 years on energy and pollution control with more than 100 peer review papers, mainly on thermochemical processes and related products. Among them, he has extensive knowledge on pyrolytic liquids.
Admin officer
Linda has worked extensively over the last 30 years in large corporates. She was in charge of CRM and other and administration responsibilities. She supports GECA in various administrative activities.
Project Associate, Chemical Engineering
Renaud supports the team on technical and scientific aspects related to pyrolysis and gasification and production technologies including gases.
Technical support, Industrial Engineering
Come-Henri Davy supports the team in technical mandates related to logistics, operations, optimization, and the replacement of coal by biocoal.
Project manager : Agriculture, soil, and environment
With her expertise in farm management and product design, Marie-Pier supports the team in projects related to biochar in soils, in plant and animal production and in the developpement of related biochar products.
Project Manager-Process
Jean-Francois Gaudet is a process engineer with 14 years of experience in the field of green processes, specifically in pyrolysis, gasification, gas treatment and methanation. He works as project manager and business development at GECA
Biochar carbon credits
Saad Has been working in the carbon credit industry for several years. At GECA, he develops projects, supports the development of strategic offers to customers and broker of biochar carbon credits.
Technical support, Mechanical engineering
Augustin Flochlay supports the team in technical mandates related to logistics, operations, optimization, and the replacement of coal by biocoal.
Technical support, Chemical engineering
Samantha supports the team in technical mandates related to logistics, operations, optimization, and the replacement of coal by biocoal.
Broker of pyrolytic products and finance
Philippe specializes in sales, negociation, and financing. At GECA, he is a broker of renewable products such as biochar, biocoal and bio-oil generated by pyrolysis or gasification of wastes; products generated by our clients.


William Métivier

Forest engineer specialized in forest carbon credit in Quebec.


Paul Ferguson, CEO

Accend are carbon removal specialists providing LCA and carbon accounting services that enable industry players to quantify their carbon removals.

Second Cycle

Frederic Bouchard, CEO

Second Cycle is a consulting firm specialized in circular economy solutions for private and public entities.

Combustion Expert Energy

Claudia Goulet, CEO

CEE are specialized in the manufacturing of thermal transformation equipment, mainly biomass burners, and are engineering solution providers for technology developers and manufacturers.

Resultant Group

Dave Gajadhar, CEO

The Resultant Group are advisors and coaches for Regulated Industries, Government, Tourism, Manufacturing, Human and Health Services. Focus on business modernization, resource optimization and waste mitigation with emerging technologies to enable sustainability, socioeconomic outcomes and generative growth.