Who can benefit from GECA’s services?

We are experts in pyrolysis, biochar and/or wood vinegar related projects. Therefore, several types of companies and government instances can benefit from our services.

waste producers

Waste producers, recyclers and managers

Wastes of several types including biomass, tyres, plastics that would probably otherwise go to landfill or to incineration. GECA helps you make these residues profitable.

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pyrolysis EQUIPMENT providers

Equipment and technology manufacturers

Collaborative work with you, referencing you to buyers and giving you feedback from potential markets and clients.

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PROCESSORS pyrolysis


GECA finds the best technology and equipment for you aligned with your constraints and goals. Our team supports you throughout the project development until you start full production and after for different aspects of quality control, environmental reports, markets.

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transformers pyrolysis


GECA helps you transform renewable products into new product – such as activated carbon and potting soil – by creating the right product for you, taking charge of the R&D, quality control and other processes until the product reaches the marketing stage.

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pyrolysis and biochar consumers


Get the support you need to find exactly the biochar, wood vinegar, and other pyrolytic products you need, thanks to GECA’s product knowledge and extensive network.

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curious pyrolysis and biochar

Curious ones

Anyone interested in reports and infographic documents related to the pyrolysis industry sold on our Webshop.

We believe pyrolysis is the best way
to valorize “non-recyclable residues”

logo pyrolysis expertExperts in Pyrolysis, Biochar and Wood Vinegar

Supporting companies in their green projects
through our unique knowledge and expertise.

We support companies and municipalities in the development of their pyrolysis project (also through torrefaction or gasification) to transform waste into renewable products such as biochar, char, carbon black, activated charcoal, wood vinegar, acetic acid; and waste to renewable energy (biocoal, biofuel, heat, oil, gases). This includes all steps in project development as well as during installation and production.



  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility
  • Technology comparison and evaluation
  • Strategic planning, authorisation
  • Project development and support
  • Production and quality control

Markets for biochar and other products

  • Market study and development
  • Properties vs targeted markets
  • Pricing
  • Product design for specific targets
  • Defining properties for specific uses

R&D for pyrolytic

  • Design biochar for specific needs
  • Development of secondary pyrolytic products
  • Testing and validation of usages
  • Strategic planning and scientific direction
  • Data analyses and interpretation


  • Carbon budget, carbon markets
  • Greenhouse gases and emission report
  • Other environmental services
  • Grant application writing
  • Employee training and lab design, etc.

At GECA, we also support the marketing of these renewable products, either by designing specific biochar and products for specific users, through R&D, by working with consumers to find or design the right product for their needs and by offering the online marketplace Pyrolist.

logo pyrolysis expertReferencing Businesses

Too many pyrolysis technologies or biochars to choose from?

Connecting businesses together to create industrial symbiosis through our extensive network of pyrolytic and environmentally conscious companies.

There are so many technologies on the market right now, and choosing one of them to fit your needs can be difficult. As experts in pyrolysis and biochar, GECA is the perfect firm to guide you in your selection of a technology. Because every project is different, we select the ideal technology for you based on your feedstock, budget, tonnage, constraints, and most importantly, your objective.

The same goes for products, including biochar and wood vinegar. There are as many ways to make a biochar as there are technologies, and they all have different properties. These properties are keys to biochar best use and success, which is why we support you in finding the perfect product to fit your exact needs.

We are proud to offer our clients technologies and pyrolytic products such as biochar and wood vinegar to other clients, connecting you to get what you need to prosper. GECA only connects you with what we think is the best in terms of technology and products. If a certain need can’t be fulfilled by our clients, we are more than happy to refer you to other providers so that you can move forward.

logo pyrolist

The only marketplace for the pyrolysis industry

The pyrolytic industry is rapidly growing and the use of its products has been extending to many sectors of life: energy, manufactured goods, agriculture, and so on. Since there was no organized network that includes all members of the pyrolysis industry, Pyrolist has been created to connect them all: A new online marketplace. It connects residue generators, producers, buyers, transformers, equipment suppliers, transporters, carbon brokers, experts, professionals, and other companies related to the pyrolysis, torrefaction and gasification industries.

Pyrolist is very simple and is directed specifically towards the pyrolysis, torrefaction and gasification industries. It is a worldwide platform that allows members to list their products or services, as well as to contact sellers in order to purchase or inquire about their listings through our messaging system. Information about the industry, news, tools and articles of all kinds can also be found on the website’s blog.

Pyrolist wants to empower entrepreneurs of the pyrolytic industry, support the consumers in their search for the products they need, get companies to thrive through the green economy and increase the visibility of pyrolysis as a solution to develop new renewable products out of “end-of-life materials”, including all types of biomasses, used tyres and plastics.


  • worldWorldwide
  • targetAffordable, easy and targeted
  • cart on screenPart of your online marketing
  • like signEasy to find your clients
  • cartFind the product, service, or technology you need
  • newsNews and information influencing the industry
  • eyeLook at products, pricing, and packaging for inspirations


We produce various documents related to the pyrolysis industry. Some are reports, infographics, market studies, listings, and so on. We also collaborate with other pyrolysis and biochar experts to create such documents.
Some are free, others can be downloaded for a fee.