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  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies
  • Technology comparison and evaluation
  • Strategic planning and authorizations
  • Production and quality control
  • Grant proposals


  • Market study and development
  • Analysis of product properties
  • Roadmap and optimisation
  • Designer products
  • Carbon credits and market


  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Development of new products
  • Testing and validation of usages
  • Strategic planning and scientific direction
  • R&D grant proposal, lab design


  • Carbon budget, GHG emissions
  • Production optimization
  • Due diligence and services for investors
  • Employee training
  • Other environmental services

GECA’s role is to facilitate the adoption of both environmental and profitable practices, regardless of your challenges or your stage of development.

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Do you know all your supply options for pyrolytic products?

Did you know that there are over 150 biochar producers in Canada and the US, each with a unique product defined by its characteristics and properties? The targeted properties of biochars, as well as other pyrolysis products such as pyrolytic oil, vary widely, and with them, their performance in various applications.

Our role, as experts in pyrolysis and biochar, is to offer you the best supply options in order to simplify your task, save you time and find the best performing product suitable for your needs.

We pride ourselves on offering the products and services of our customers, as long as they are the best options. We only partner with companies we believe in. If some of your needs cannot be met by our customers’ offerings, we will be happy to refer you to other companies that can.

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We use our network in order to promote collaborative projects between various industries, locally and internationally.

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The online marketplace for the pyrolysis industry

Pyrolist is a web platform created to connect all players in the pyrolysis industry, locally and internationally. Pyrolist is similar to a classified ad platform for companies that sell and purchase equipment and technologies, residues and pyrolytic products and services as well as for all other members of the pyrolysis, torrefaction and gasification industries.

The goal of Pyrolist is simple: we want to encourage and help businesses thrive in the green economy while increasing the visibility of pyrolysis as a solution for waste management. In addition, Pyrolist has a blog containing a selection of useful articles, reports and news destined to the industry, written by experts in pyrolysis and biochar. For example, there are articles on biochar certification, the transport of pyrolytic liquids or the selection of technology.


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