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GECA is the most knowledgeable private consulting firm in pyrolysis and biochar in the North American market and industry.
GECA Biochar & Pyrolysis Consultant

GECA is an international leading expert and consultant in pyrolysis and biochar related projects. Based in Canada, GECA was founded in 2015 by Dr Suzanne Allaire in Quebec city after 25 years of R&D in environment and waste, ten of which were on biochar and pyrolysis. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, a master’s degree in waste transformation for agricultural purposes, a PhD in soil contamination in California, a post-doctorate degree in water contamination from military wastes in Colorado, she became full professor at Laval University, Quebec in…

  • Agricultural and Environmental science;
  • Developing solutions for wastes into low carbon footprint products;
  • Developing usages for renewable products from wastes;
  • Composting and landfilling;
  • GHG capture from landfills.

During these years, she understood that pyrolysis was one of the most effective ways to recycle carbon, energy and nutrients from non-recyclable wastes and started focusing her work on pyrolysis and biochar. She has since been recognized as an international expert on the subject and is on the board of the International Biochar Initiative. Suzanne and her team at GECA, along with collaborators and sub-contractors, offer a whole range of consulting services related to biochar and pyrolysis locally in Canada and the US, but also internationally.


GECA’s role as a consultant is to increase your revenue by
transforming waste through pyrolysis all the while doing good for the planet.

GECA reaches this goal by helping governments and companies find sustainable, socially-acceptable and ecofriendly solutions to avoid landfilling and waste burning, while maintaining excellent return on investment.

Fundamentally, we believe that all by-products generated by human consumption (wastes, residues) have value. There are no residues, only eco-solutions! We look at these by-products in every possible way to find the best innovative and sustainable uses. We challenge ourselves to develop solutions for those so-called “non-recyclable” or “non cost-effective” residues. As consultants for biochar and pyrolysis, we know how to make great use of these hard-to-reuse by-products (waste), while reducing carbon footprint, sequestering carbon and fighting climate change.

Services Related to the Pyrolysis
and Torrefaction Industries

GECA helps you thrive in the green economy
pyrolysis and biochar expert and consultant

Pyrolysis & Biochar Consultant

As consultants for pyrolysis and biochar, we support companies and municipalities in the development of their pyrolysis project to transform waste into renewable products and renewable energy.

referencing pyrolysis technology and biochar

Referencing Businesses

GECA is proud to offer technologies and pyrolytic products from our clients – such as biochar and wood vinegar – to our other clients, connecting you to get what you need and to help you prosper.

PYROLIST online marketplace for pyrolysis equipment, products and services


GECA developed Pyrolist: the online marketplace for buying and selling products and services in the pyrolysis industry (torrefaction and gasification as well).

Need our expertise as a consultant for biochar and pyrolysis ?

All those who generate, manage, recycle or transform wastes, develop technologies or consume pyrolytic products can benefit from our consulting and referencing services.
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GECA Environnement was present at the 2020 edition of the International Biomass Conference in Nashville. It was a pleasure to meet such interesting and passionate individuals working to better the industry and lead the way in sustainable energy systems and waste valorization.