Consultants in Pyrolysis and Biochar

GECA is the most knowledgeable private consulting firm in pyrolysis and biochar in the North American market and industry.

GECA is an internationally recognized consulting firm providing expert consultants in biochar and pyrolysis. We are specialized in waste valorization using thermal transformation systems, more precisely pyrolysis, torrefaction and gasification.

The depth and precision of our knowledge, combined with the wide range of services we offer, make us an asset for businesses and organizations looking to reduce their environmental footprint and derive financial benefits from the utilization of residues.

Our team offers a whole range of expert support and consulting services related to biochar and pyrolysis both locally and internationally. As consultants in biochar and pyrolysis, we are continuously working on a very diversified portfolio of projects involving various industries and problematics, such as:

  • The replacement of fossil coal in heavy industries
  • The usage of biochar in the forestry and agriculture
  • The management of cannabis production wastes
  • The valorization of waste wood, tires and plastics
  • The optimization and implementation of pyrolysis plants
  • The access to biochar-based carbon credits


GECA’s mission is to clean up the planet. This is why we exist. We carry our mission through our work as expert consultants.

Fundamentally, we believe there are no residues, only eco-solutions and unused feedstocks. Everyday, GECA strives to provide businesses and organizations sustainable, profitable, socially-acceptable and ecofriendly solutions to waste management problems.

The best consultants in biochar and pyrolysis will look at the residues you want to transform or the technology you want to adopt and analyze them through different lenses to optimise your ROI, production and marketing potential, while reducing your carbon footprint, sequestering carbon and fighting climate change. This is the approach we take at GECA.

Services Related to the Pyrolysis
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GECA helps you thrive in the green economy
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Pyrolysis & Biochar Experts

As consultants in biochar and pyrolysis, we support private and public organizations in their valorisation projects.

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Referencing Businesses

At GECA, we are proud to connect our clients together to promote the circular economy and help them prosper.

PYROLIST online marketplace for pyrolysis equipment, products and services


GECA developed Pyrolist: the online marketplace for buying and selling products and services in the pyrolysis industry.

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All those who generate, manage, recycle or transform wastes, develop technologies or consume pyrolytic products can benefit from our consulting and referencing services.
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