Bio-based carbon production and list of producers


By GECA Environnement

Authors: Suzanne Allaire, PhD & Melissa Leung

This report analyses the current and upcoming bio-based carbon (char, biochar, biocoal, and black pellets) production in the USA and in Canada. Along with an overview of the offer available on the market currently and in 2023, we list more than 150 biochar producers, their location, the type of biochar produced, their category and production capacity along with their development stage.

An analysis by region, by type of product, by volume and by development stage is also provided for now and for the end of 2023. We also discuss general pricing and the share of various markets targeted by the producers.

The information is presented densely. It contains 36 pages, mostly in tables and figures.

As an overview:

  • Current production: 1.2  and 0.2 M mtons/year in the US and in Canada, respectively
  • Expected production in 2023: 1.5 and 1.4 M mtons/year in the US and in Canada, respectively
  • Right now, there are 76 and 26 biochar producers in Canada, and in 2023 we expect increases of 116% and 639%.
  • Largest producing states are Alabama and Kansas for the US, and BC and Ontario for Canada
  • Expected largest market demand for 2023 is Energy pellets and Biocoal

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