The problematic

The wood charcoal plant runs for the last 70 years, exclusively producing wood charcoal for BBQ. Only 60% of the production was sold because the rest did not pass their high quality standard. They were accumulating the charcoal wastes on site, resulting in risk of fire, or have sent it to burn in another plant for energy. Lately during COVID, the Canadian population did not have the right to have parties and meet in groups. The BBQ sells were way down.

The solution

GECA suggested to use these charcoal wastes to make new products, fine carbon and biochar. GECA completed a market study, product design and supported testing in various potential markets. Both products were developed and put on the market.

The impact

Biochar and fine carbon helped the business survive through the COVID event and their sell has significantly picked up. This allows the transformation of 15,000 tons of unwanted wood yearly. Some of the biochar helps improve soil quality and sequester carbon, while the fine carbon goes into materials that would otherwise use fossil products.