On Earth Day, April 22, GECA Environment members put on their gloves and mobilized to clean up our planet around the world. Here is a summary of their great initiatives:   

  • In Canada: Our team members including Brenda in Gatineau at Cedar Park with her husband, Sofie in Calgary at Lindsay Park with a friend, as well as Come, Renaud, Michel, Linda, Perrine, Charlène and Suzanne in Montreal cleaned local parks. Even the dogs of our members contributed to the cleaning!   
  • In Morocco: Hajar participated in a cleaning of one of his favorite beaches, Ain Diab, with 3 close friends.  
  • In India: Bluvin organized and participated in street cleaning and tree planting in the city of Palakkad with a group of industry members.  
  • In Italy: Melissa cleaned Mazara Del Vallo beach in Sicily with a close one until she completely filled her car trunk with plastic bottles.   
  • In Germany: Destin cleaned a park near Stuttgart.  

This year marks the third edition of this event for GECA Environnement.  

We firmly believe that small everyday gestures make a big difference. These numerous small gestures complement the other actions we take to help project developers transform hundreds of thousands of tons per year.   

Let’s keep working together for a cleaner planet every day!