With this objective in mind, new investors as well as valuable collaborators, such as the Écoleader Fund, GECA Environnement, the MRC and the SADC de Portneuf, rely on innovation and development in order to optimize production processes while respecting the environment.

Journal Le Soleil. 2021. Ancestral know-how and innovative process. Mr. Robitaille and Suzanne Allaire president of GECA Environnement.

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Geca Environnement on the radio program Les Urbainculteurs

Biochar - a charred biomass - is gaining more and more attention in the agricultural world. Suzanne Allaire, CEO of GECA Environnement, shines our light. | What if we told you that we could divert waste from landfill and use it to improve the structure and health of our soils, sequester carbon that would otherwise go into the atmosphere, filter the air and water, and still well, many other things? Sounds too good to be true? And yet, this is what pyrolysis does, a process that carbonizes various wastes and turns them into a multifunctional solution.
Host Dave Gajadhar, Resultant Group, speaks with industry experts in Biochar and Pyrolysis Suzanne Allaire and Melissa Leung in the initial podcast on Pyrolysis and BioChar. GECA is an international leading expert and consultant in pyrolysis and biochar related projects.

Dave explores the opportunities and regulatory hurdles the industry faces, and the pyrolysis maturation path to enable environmental accountability. We discuss the following subjects: the importance of pyrolysis among different technologies in a national roadmap optic, a a complementary solution to other projects and technologies, markets for pyrolysis and some products, overall trends we see in the industry.