The problematic

A large multinational iron ore company is seeking solution to replace fossil coal in its Canadian plants. It will soon pay large penalties for its GHG emissions. The penalties were 30$ per ton of CO<sub>2</sub> emitted and increased by more than 10$/t every year. Even last year, the increase in the value of the penalties was more than 25%.  

The solution

The solution resides in the use of green fuel, one of it being biocoal made from wood wastes. GECA has worked with the company and a research center to design the biocoal for their specific equipment. The biocoal was tested on site and performed even better than the coal.

The impact

Testing on site at the plant scale were completed this summer. Now the company is seeking biocoal producers to get more biocoal. It is planning small adjustment on the equipment to optimize its use. This may eventually replace 150,000 tons of coal per year along with the reduction of sulfur and other contaminants emitted by coal burning.