The problematic

Large quantity of low-quality wood is generated by land development. The desired wood goes to sawmill and the rest was a problematic since the operator was not allowed to let it on site.

The solution

The company, already in green energy and green projects, asked found a potential in biochar production.  They’ve asked GECA if their project makes sense. GECA evaluated the projects and suggested to more forward. Then GECA selected a technology, completed a market study, and suggested best markets for their projects. The client supported by GECA is now optimizing its marketing to start soon selling it.

The impact

The company has decided to move forward with the project. It is now applying for permitting and the engineering is progressing fast. This has made it possible to enlarge its offer, its revenues, and activities in the green markets. This should allow the transformation of 50,000 t of wood wastes per year, sequestering more than 20,000 t of CO<sub>2</sub>e per year.