The problematic

Biomass power plants that are not fully efficient generate ashes with carbon. The carbon could be extracted from the ashes and reinjected in the reactor or used as biochar. The business has started exploiting its carbon as biochar, but the revenue was not that great. The owners have looked at carbon market, but did not know how to achieve revenues from carbon credits.

The solution

GECA help them understanding how the biochar carbon credit market works, select the methodology, and is now selling their carbon credits. GECA supported the business throughout the entire process of biochar carbon credit generation and marketing them. During the LCA, GECA noticed a few environmental footprints that the plant could improve to increase the potential revenue from these credits, which was done by the client.

The impact

The business increased its margin profit by more than 25% through the sale of the biochar carbon credits. In addition, GECA has helped to improve the carbon footprint, resulting in an increase in the value of the carbon credits. The biochar is sold for soil improvement. This allows the return of several thousand tons of carbon to soils.