Physicochemical properties of 43 biochars



Lange SF, Allaire SE, Charles A., Auclair IK, Bajzak CE

Objective of the report

The objective of making a comparative analysis of the physico-bio-chemical properties of 43 biochars was to create a reference database to assist ROM generators and managers, pyrolysers and biochar manufacturers as well as end users and processors.

Summary of the report

The physiocochemical properties of 43 biochar found in Québec were examined. This report includes the methods of pyrolysis as well as analysis and the results on general, physical, chemical and biological properties of the assessed biochar. Hardwood, resinous softwood, non-resinous softwood, non-woody plants and manure were used to make different biochars. A wide variety in the properties of biochar tested depending on ROM and pyrolysis technique used were shown.

Properties assessed include:

General: energy, carbon and other element content
Density and porosity
Hydraulic properties
Granule size distribution
Properties relative to acidity
Properties relative to plants
Properties relative to the environment


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